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Benefit from a 0% commission on your network

Registering on Ankorstore is free. By inviting your historical and prospect retailers to join us, you secure a 0% commission and 0% service fee on their orders if they use your Lift code and/or if you add them on your My Network. For retailers acquired through Ankorstore, we charge a 17% new customer commission on the first order, and a 4% service fee on reorders (reduced to 2% for brands using our Fulfilment service).


We're making sure you get paid

Our payment guarantee fee (3%), applied to all orders, ensures payment within 15 days after order reception, covers payment processing costs, and facilitates extended payment terms for retailers.


Define your own free shipping threshold

Ankorstore gives you the flexibility to manage your shipping costs by defining your free shipping threshold and your flat shipping fee (within our carefully calculated framework) for your reorders.

Boost your brand in Europe with Ankorstore

Connect in your own language, with retailers handpicked for you from over 250,000 boutiques in 23 countries!


Increase in sales

per brand after 3 months.


Increase in repeat orders

after 6 months.

“ As a young brand, being distributed in a select network of shops that are consistent with our image, is important. And as we benefit from payment on delivery, our customers benefit from the Ankorstore buying conditions, so it's a win win. ”



“ Today, we work with 150 shops and concept stores. Ankorstore has made it possible for us to develop our business internationally, with guaranteed payment on delivery. It’s really helping our next stage of growth. ”



“ Our partnership with Ankorstore has been incredibly fruitful. Together we have grown our orderbook substantially in Europe, and the Ankorstore team has been incredibly supportive every step of the way. ”


Popcorn Shed

“ Ankorstore is such a fantastic platform bringing together independent brands and retailers! Our business has grown many folds since joining Ankorstore. What I love the most is the dedication and the genuine willingness of the management & support teams to help brands succeed  ”


Teddo Play

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